Enriching lives through sustainable urban solutions

Sustainable urbanisation will be one of the biggest challenges facing developing countries in the next 50 years.
At Surbana, social, environmental and economic sustainability is at the heart of our urban solutions.
A Singapore MNC, Temasek-Linked company and award winning urban solutions consultant, our clients value and trust us to meet their development needs.
Our expertise is backed by over 50 years’ experience building more than a million homes across 26 townships and shaping the urban landscape in Singapore – one of the world’s top 10 best cities recognised for urban sustainability.
Our multi disciplinary team of experts knows what it takes to provide urban solutions in Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We have completed projects in 90 cities in 30 countries over the last 10 years.
From masterplanning to engineering, design, project management, land reclamation, underground engineering & city management, Surbana’s expertise cuts across many sectors – real estate, aviation, healthcare, infrastructure.
Today, Surbana employs 1,900 employees in 13 cities across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.